Welcome to Northwest Hunting Club!


Providing Exclusive Hunting Rights to Highly Coveted Private Lands
throughout Idaho, Oregon & Washington!

What We Do

Northwest Hunting Club is a NEW Idaho hunting club that leases private property for the purpose of providing our members with self-guided hunting, fishing, and camping opportunities. We are not an outfitter or a guide and because of that, we are much more affordable to the average hunter. Imagine stalking a Bull Elk on our Idaho hunting club  property that gets no pressure or sitting in a tree stand on Washington hunting club property, drawing your bow and releasing on a 5 point Whitetail buck.  How about calling in a spring Gobbler for your son, daughter or wife on exclusive hunting club property?   These and many more are the types of opportunities Northwest Hunting Club offers.

northwest hunting guidesMembers of Northwest Hunting Club enjoy exclusive and semi-exclusive use of all club properties. All hunts are self-guided and member numbers are capped to ensure a quality experience. Properties are thoroughly scouted and all present game species are identified. These are not high fence properties, just fair chase hunting on pristine and seldom hunted farms, timberland, and raw private grasslands. We hunt Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, Moose, Turkey, Pheasant, Chukkar, Quail, Hungarian Partridge, Grouse, Waterfowl, predators and more. We currently have property for our members in Idaho and Washington.

For more details on our properties click on the contact link and email us with your questions!


Why We Do It

washington huntsThe idea for Northwest Hunting Club was born out of necessity. With the Northwest’s ever increasing population, finding seclusion during a hunting trip is becoming more and more difficult. “Secret” Hunting areas are being discovered. People who have hunted in the same area for years are being forced to find new spots because the hunting pressure or wolves have moved the animals elsewhere. Others, are self-employed working hard for their money and do not have the time it takes to gain a landowners trust for hunting rights. You can always hire a guide, but for the common hunter in these times the prices charged by outfitters are simply not possible. I thought there should be an alternative and that alternative is Northwest Hunting Club.


How We Differ From Traditional Outfitters

For years serious hunters have hired guides in the hopes of bagging the trophy of a lifetime. Rates in Idaho, Montana and Washington for a chance at a trophy Deer or Elk average $3,500-$4,000 for a few days of hunting and combination hunts can cost more than double that. There is nothing wrong with any of this because we are willing to pay those prices. Guides are fantastic, but that is not what we are. The problem people face with outfitters is that the vast majority of hunters either have to save up for years for "the hunt of a lifetime" or rule out all together the possibility of secluded quality hunt.

elk hunting clubAt Northwest Hunting Club we cut out the guide thus cutting the cost dramatically. At the same time we provide high quality, well managed private lands that are available to our members by reservation. Little to no pressure means abundant and less timid animals. All that translates into a high chance of bagging that dream trophy and getting quality hunting time with family. And guess what? If you don't nail that 6 point bull this trip, you aren't out of luck. You get to keep trying for the rest of the year. With us, you won't pay several thousand dollars for a few days of hunting with no guarantee of leaving with food for your family. A one year membership to the club costs less than your cell phone payment every month. In addition, we offer the chance to earn a free membership through our referral program.